Despre problema tiganilor romani in Finlanda


NEWS ANALYSIS: Locking up criminals bringing Roma beggars into Finland didn’t change a thing…

A criminal gang with involvement in trafficking people was rounded up in Birchis, in Romania.
The Roma gang had even organised the entry into Finland of some Roma beggars.
The ringleaders of the gang were found to have houses, cars, gold, and cash.
The media wrote reports, and people clapped their hands.
But in the words of Mauri Ojala, a Finn who has collected five truckloads of material aid for Romania during the current year alone:”It will take less than two weeks before another even more resourceful gang is already planning its strategy”.

Mauri Ojala has lived in the Transylvania region of Romania for many years, helping the villagers build houses.
After having looked around in Helsinki, Ojala says:”A boss has turned up all right, going around and observing what others [beggars] are doing”.
Ojala says that it would be no surprise if the corrupt civil servants in Romania had received their share of the confiscated property following the detainment of the gang in Birchis.
Standard operating procedure in the country?
In Ojala”s opinion, the publicity surrounding the bust is only likely to encourage the criminals to pursue the same activities further.
„This just tends to whet the appetite, giving fertilizer and seeds, while provoking the criminals to move abroad when their own country does not offer anything”, Ojala argues.…



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