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I´m thinking to move to Romania, Bucharest. I would be working in Ruukki Oyj. I have 3 years old son, and I am interested to know what kind of nurserys there are in Bucharest and is there some called finnish club for finns?

Thank you for your information,

Best Regards,

Titta Kuisma


  1. Well, would be very nice to see a Finnish in Romania but remember that, when you step down on the airport you have to pass a Romanian language test. If you fail, you’ll be sent back home until you manage with our language. What about the nursery, does not exist, it’s not necessary, usually children are at “mummola”. Finns in Romania? Are you joking? Romania didn’t exist for Finland, until now. I know only old one, she lives in neighborhoods of Cluj.

  2. Sandu, you don’t need to be ironical. You can’t compare the situations! She is going to work in Romania for a finnish company! So, Titta, nobody will ask you to speak romanian. English it’s enough.
    I’m sure they are finns in Romania although not so many.
    You will get more information from the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest. And you will find definetely nursery.

  3. Sandule mai pune frana tata k faci riduri la fata ku ironiile tale.

    Yhea i believe there a couple of finns there especialy in Bucharest and i think you would love Romania , a lot of kaind people and very much respect. Please don´t pay atention to some people that post the „ironic” coments on this website , see for yourself how Romania is.
    Good Luck and HAVE FUN.


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